Oct. 30th, 2011

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General chit chat mode: Happy Halloween! Here is my humble gift to my friends list. I actually had the idea for this topic in my head for a while but decided to create it for Halloween.

This was a difficult essay to write in terms of avoiding sugar-coating things, scaring people away, and trying not to make these totems seem like the Bad Ass Leather Coat Wearing Bad Boys of all totems.

I was able to get some good talks in with Vampire Bat and Mosquito for this essay. Flea, Leech, and Tick weren't chatty but added some good input. For whatever reason Bedbug and Lamprey put up "Go Away" signs which I respected, even though I was particularly curious about Lamprey.

I really don't envy folks who work with these guys. They are a tough bunch to get to know and they ask hard questions and can teach harsh lessons. Of them all, Vampire Bat was the "nicest", but I strongly suspect that's because she, being a fellow mammal, has a closer worldview to humans than the others.

So long as you give me credit, feel free to copy and send this where you like. Especially if you know someone who works with one of the totems or is thinking of working with them.

And Happy Halloween!

Those who prefer not to read about blood are politely warned to not read on )


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